Release Alysa!

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Alysa was a cheerleader at Woodlands Elite on team Generals (small senior 5). Since beginning of the cheerleading season Alysa and someone on her team had several issues as well as her coaches. Alysa and mother had expressed to the coaches mutliple times that she was not happy, going to practice was miserable for her. After majors (the most exclusive cheerleading event) the news was broken to Alysa and her mother that she will no longer be flying, Alysa was asked to teach the new flyer the counts. She continued to go to practices faking a smile and pretending to be happy. Alysa and her mother talked to the coaches one last time saying how miserable she was and couldn’t continue driving a hour to practice if her heart wasn’t in it. 

Alysa has seen online that there was a tumbling position open for Prodigy Allstars Midnight (small senior coed 5). Alysa went to go watch a practice, she knew that the team was happy being there and that made her happy. After visiting that practice more things happened between her, the coaches and several of her team members. Alysa decided to leave Generals and move to be on Midnight. 

When you sign up for a worlds team like Generals you sign a form that states that you will either compete at the world championships with this team or not at all, unless released by a coach. Currently Alysa will not be competing at worlds because her former coaches at Woodlands Elite will not release her. Please sign this petition to get WE’s attention release Alysa so she can be happy. 

*People have been saying that Alysa joined Midnight before she left Generals, however she did attend a practice to watch but did not participate.*