Keep Blooms to Brews Marathon in Woodland, WA

Keep Blooms to Brews Marathon in Woodland, WA

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Elba Benzler started this petition to Get Bold Events Woodland City Council

As you are most likely aware, on June 3rd, 2019 at a Woodland City Council meeting Mayor Finn requested a vote from the council to deny the 2020 date for the B2B Marathon.

Staff members and Race Director Elba Benzler and Karen King had very short notice of the meeting and the request to be put before the Council. The staff showed up at the meeting and Elba went before the Council asking for an extension of this vote so he could get information about the accusations the mayor was bringing up in the meeting. Mayor Finn dismissed the request, read a letter he had prepared and asked for a vote. The resulting vote denied the Marathon for 2020. The staff left at the end of the meeting, disappointed and confused.

The Mayor mentioned several concerns: the Marathon did not follow traffic control plans and closed down streets not previously approved for closure, clean up at the park was not done in a timely matter, the City had to cover some costs, and the event was not clearly posted letting residents know it was coming, and the city heard complaints.

The B2B Marathon staffs are confused by these accusations from the Mayor. The course crew, who has set up the course since 2015, did not close any roads which were not previously approved for closure. The rental equipment sponsor to this race by Power Rents has apologized to the City and the Mayor for not picking up their equipment in a timely manner, and Get Bold Events will work to ensure this doesn’t happen again. We are unaware of any specific costs the City took on from the event clean up. Public notice about the event was posted on two banners: one at the new Woodland Library location and another at the corner of Walt’s Meats. We also put out 50 signs saying “Runners on Road Sunday 6:45 – 12:30 pm” all along the course.


Blooms to Brews Staff are going to the Woodland City Council Meeting on Monday, July 15th, 2019 at the Woodland Police Department (200 East Scott Ave, 98674) to request reconsideration of this decision at a future council meeting. We would appreciate all support we can get at this meeting letting the City Council know this event means a lot to you and you would appreciate if they would reconsider their decision. The meeting starts at 7 pm.


We have worked hard putting Woodland on the International map. Overall, we have brought in runners from 7 countries and 38 states. These runners purchase airline tickets and hotel rooms, rent cars, spend money in Woodland at bars, restaurants, convenient stores, grocery stores, coffee shops, gas stations, time at the casino, wine bar, fast food, RV parks, Air BnB and much more. We even have a couple who ran in 2018 getting married this August in Woodland at the Empress Estate.


This event benefits charitable causes. Over the years, the Blooms to Brews Marathon has been able to donate roughly $7000 to Woodland Rotary to help develop the Scott Hill Sports Complex. In 2018, we changed directions and began giving to the youth programs in the City of Woodland and both Clark and Cowlitz Counties in a partnership for having them out at the event, volunteering in trade for these donations.


Woodland Resident participation in the B2B Marathon has grown every year, and so far 23% of the sign ups for next year are from Woodland residents. Woodland runners are proud to have a marathon in their home town.

2018 – 3.3%

2019 – 5.9%

2020 – 23.1%

Please join us at this meeting and let the City Council know you would love to see this event continue in Woodland. Get Bold Events is willing to sit at the table and work out any differences so this event can continue in the beautiful town of Woodland.

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