Woodinville High School Equitable Academic Awards Ceremonies

Woodinville High School Equitable Academic Awards Ceremonies

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Woodinville High School Administration

Why this petition matters

Started by Lorelei Rosser

Woodinville is home to many students with incredible talent in visual and performing arts and academic fields like STEM and business. This year alone, DECA for example is sending 38 people to Internationals. However, some students feel that they are not being represented appropriately. No one should feel like their achievements are any less important, simply because they don't throw a ball or run around competitively. 

We are not saying that our athletic teams should be celebrated any less. They deserve their recognition, and we're incredibly proud of them. We are simply asking for more recognition of student academics and arts achievement.


Currently, our suggested solutions are thus:

  • More equitable academic award ceremonies to acknowledge student achievement
  • Academic clubs recognized for competition wins
  • Increased promotion of academic activities (much like how ASB currently promotes athletic events)
  • Active involvement in supporting our academic organizations by ASB and school administration

If you also have suggestions on how our administration could be fairer in celebrating students, please let us know. This petition is meant to be a forum of students and staff, solving problems that affect students and staff.

IMPORTANT: If you are signing this, PLEASE use your school email in association with the NSD district so we can ensure every signature truly represents our student body!

198 have signed. Let’s get to 200!