Protect Original Student Works of Art from Destruction

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Alumni and current and former faculty of Woodbridge College have recently been made aware of the current administration’s plans to paint over original student art work and murals, the culmination of 25+ years of artistic expression, in an attempt to modernize and freshen up the look of the hallways.

We have sent letters to the administration asking them to reconsider this reckless decision and encouraging them not only to recognize the value of these works from a cultural, artistic and historical perspective, but to tap in to their own creativity when it comes to formulating ideas on modernization and establishing community and connection in their school.

Community, art, history, culture and intergenerational connection all matter, and the more we protect these values as students and alumni within our schools, the more we get to see them reflected in society at large.

We will continue to appeal to the administration at Woodbridge College and we stand ready to work with them to find creative solutions to modernization in a collaborative way that supports the stories that have already been told and establishes a welcoming and protected outlet for those yet to be written.