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Please share this around and tag! We need as many as we can! Kpop idols should be treated with the most respect they deserve! THEY'VE WORKED SO HARD FOR THIS AND THEN THIS HAPPENS! RUMORS ! LIES! EVEN MENTALLY GETTING HARRASED ! PHYSICAL HARRASMENT ! THIS IS NOT HUMAN! HOW WOULD YOU LIKE IF YOU WERE GRABBED AND PULLED AT OR EVEN TOLD YOU WERNT GOOD ENOUGH! THINK OF HOW HE FEELS ! HOW HE FEELS TO LEAVE ALL HIS HOPES AND DREAMS BEHIND! SO MAKE YOURE CHOICE! FIGHT FOR WHAT YOU THINK IS RIGHT AND FIGHT TODAY FOR YOURE IDOLS ! THIS IS NOT HOW PEOPLE SHOULD BE TREATED ! THIS ISNT RIGHT ! IF THEY'VE WORKED THERE LIVES FOR THIS MOMENT THEN THEY SHOULD ENJOY IT AND BE PROUD FOR ALL THAT THEY HAVE DONE AND ALL THE PEOPLE THEY HAVE INSPIRED ! THIS IS NO WAY TO TREAT THEM BY SPREDDING RUMORS OR PIED ABOUT THEM! JUST BECAUSE  HE/SHE ISNT YOURE BIAS DOESNT MEAN THEY NEED HATE OR EVEN YOURE SUPPORT!BUT WITH YOURE SUPPORT THEY ARE STRONGER ! WITH YOU THEY HAVE HOPEAND WITH WITH YOU THEY HAVE A FAMILY!THEY HAVE FRIENDS !THEY HAVE YOU! NOW ITS YOURE TIME TO SHOW THEM HOW MUCH TOURE CARE AND HOW MUCH THEY MEAN TO YOU BY SIGNING THIS AND SHOWING EVEYONE YOU CARE!!Monsta X was my number one group, and they were all my babies. If Monbebes were in the same position, Wonho would fight for us, so we have to fight for him. He needs us the most right now.Wonho admitted to making mistake as a teenager before becoming a trainee and apologized and promised he would learn from his mistakes and make better decisions. Now ever since the burning sun incident and jjy’s golden phone incident we live in a global culture of people canceling others because they made mistakes ten years ago and feel vindicated enough to ruin someone’s life and not even knowing what’s true and what’s not true. Why didn’t they bring these allegations against wonho years ago? Why because he wasn’t famous enough? Honestly what fun would it be to ruin someone’s life especially if you’re not going to get anything out of the situation? Is starship using wonho to distract from the whole mnet and x1 scandal they could possibly be involved with as well? They did this protect themselves and their shareholders, this isn’t to protect wonho, monsta x, or their other idols. It’s for them as a midsize company to not become another yg.