Wonderplanet.inc give back the Deity badge to Chalupa as he deserved.

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We, as a consumers are fed up by the wonderplanet.inc global server support incompetence and bullying paying customers.  This happen time and time again, if we as a customers continue to let it slip we are only helping wonderplanet to continue being ignorance and will not improved in their customer support.

Ranking competition - We must achieve an overall top 3 position 3 consecutive time to entitled the Deity badge and we must continue maintained it to be in overall top 3.  IGN - Chalupa was supposed to have the Deity badge after this most recent ranking competition, but no.  Instead Wonderplanet awarded the "cheater"aka "hacker" the no. 1 position in overall position and didn't removed it until the final result is published and after multiple complains from the community.  

So, they counted Chalupa as no.4 in overall instead of no.3.  Since then, some of us have been in contacted with wonderplanet support and they have outright refused to give Chalupa the Deity badge he deserve.  So he have to try to be in top 3 for the next 3 ranks again before he will get his Deity badge. If it was me, i will be disheartened by it.

I know this is only a game, but we all know how hard it is to get into top 10 overall in the tanking competition week in, week out.  If we let this slip, that's mean we are ok with them going forward continuing their ignorance and bullying the paying customers.  

This is not about the badge, this is not about one person.  This is about how many times we have constant complain about wonderplanet customer support and treatments to some of the members in the community, but nothing was done about it and nothing has improved.  

As a consumers, we need them to treat us better and respect.  Give us a proper explanations and treat everyone fairly and stop being arrogant about their action.

This petition will send to wonderplanet.inc global and japan headquarter.  So we need all your support.