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Ban abortion and keep ireland abortion free

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I used to be pro choice when i was younger heard about it at 12-24 however this changed in what i can only call a life changing experience i was at a collage pro-life talk we heard about it and me and the lads went thinking it would be a load of preists talking crap about stuff most of us were pro-choice(we didn't want to be fathers at 24), but when we got there and the meeting started there were no preists instead there was this horribly deformed man and woman giving speeches and there was this video of an abotion (one of those moments were you think thank good im a man :) )
there was no-one that wasnt not affected emotionaly by it even afected jake a 6foot 2
man who never seems affected by anything however on the way out fella called brian said he was still pro-choice and started making jokes. I felt like breaking his jaw(i was 24 at the time bear in mind) but before i could a girl called sarah slaped him in the face that shut him up.
This is because "Life is a right not a privilage" if you dont agree you are a terrible terrible person (i used to be one of you) and just think of the 1.3 million babies aborted (or murdered if you are hardcore) this is just a horrible i am an atheist and pro-life proud of both
Some women (and men) think it is human rights to be able to kill anoughter human being but its not some say that "its not a baby yet" but if it wasnt she would not be pregnant ! i think it is an injustice that most stop before anoughter baby is killed

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