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Women Want NOW to Change Their Position on Parental Alienation

In 2006, the National Organization for Women Resolved to denounce Parental Alienation ( and in 2007 stated that, "The truth is that Parental Alienation really is a dangerous and cleverly marketed legal strategy that has caused much harm to victims of abuse, especially women and children during and post divorce. This strategy, promoted actively by several "father's rights" groups, has convinced many people, including some in the judicial system and the media, that the actions of a protective parent (usually the mother) are more harmful than the actual mistreatment inflicted by an abusive parent... Parental Alienation Syndrome is junk science..."  (

Women all over the world can attest to the fact that Parental Alienation does exist, and that it devastates families.  Denying the existence of Parental Alienation will not help further equality among women, as it is denying the very phenomenon that women and men all over the world are experiencing.

 As a member of NOW, I am distressed by their misinformed position. If you are a woman who is affected by Parental Alienation please sign this petition.

Thank you!

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