Stop cyber degradation of girls and introduce special morale educations in schools early.

Stop cyber degradation of girls and introduce special morale educations in schools early.

4 May 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Varun Sodhi

The fact that such
teenagers exist along with their
misogynistic and discriminatory
mentality , I can only hope that
strict action is taken against them
as soon as possible. Moreover , I
can't help but feel ashamed and
enraged about being a
student and part of same age
group , I cannot bring the change
along , there's a need for us
"good guys" to stand up and stop
supporting objectifying women ,
I won't say "they are someone's
sisters". Such terms only bring
in gender , firstly " THEY ARE
SOMEONE." And someone means
a human. I request you all to stand
up and stop supporting such acts ,
this will only bring embarrassment
towards the youth as a collective
group , and considering the fact
NATION , I DO NOT want that such
people become the future of our country

Defial acts such as #boyslockerroom #lockerroom on instagram awill continue to bring a situation of distesss and forces us to rethink about true motive and mentality of nation's youth.

Childhood and teenage years are meant for studies and are an opportunity to experience emotions and life lessons topped with a little bit of fun and times when you are low.
But , some wander off to a wrong paths and create a mentality which is not socially , humanely righteous.

They get to a point where the line between humanity and evilism fades away and slowly gives rise to pyschopaths and lunatics.

Teenagers are expected to study and have fun , whereas cases like #lockerroom emphasise the fact that gender barriers still exist in minds of youth.

Moreover , such lowly creatures ( Yes , I am referring to the guys who were in the gc) need Psychological treatment.
Though I have an idea that this sort of mentality is very hard to change , there's a constant and immediate need for such things to be changed permanently.

I can't believe my eyes that fellow 16-17 year students carry misogynist and defiled mentality of such sort.
Being a student and sharing the same age group as them , I cannot reverse what they have done , for I am no God.

Also , I understand that I am not old enough to
grasp the entire situation
nor am I mature enough
to understand the entire
point grownups are trying
to keep...but the fragment
I understood states the
fact that the mentality of
peoole can only be changed
through strict examples
and standing up against it.
Vigilantes' existence is not
only tied with gun-slinging ,
rather passive ones exist
we term as social workers ,
I understand I am too young
to participate in it as an act-
ive member of the society ,
but as a part of future of the
county ie the youth , I want
to make sure certain defects
such as homophobia ,
misogyny , discrimination
on any basis , language and
group shaming disappears
before next generation even
comes to know this terms.
I know it will be gradual but
this is what is required by the nation. And I am willing to be a part of thing change , while requesting you all to stand up against it.

There's a need to introduce special sessions in schools focusing on necestnec topics such as sex education , morale limits , social boundaries , etiquettes , psychological sessions to determine issues with the teenagers early in process , so that young minds can prosper in a healthy way , instead of following the wrong path. 

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Signatures: 195Next Goal: 200
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