Women Safety and Law Enforcement

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Its been 4 yrs. to Nirbhaya's shameful incident. Has our society become so insensitive to wrong things happening around?

Is everyone too afraid to raise voice and stand against the evils? Forget uniting people but how much guts does it take for an individual to ask law makers to also think about law enforcers!


Arvind sir's decision about taking steps to make delhi safer for women and other plans might have went in vain just in the process of seeking permissions, for I dont know what?

But lets join hands to atleast take some simple steps and force our chosen govt. to do what is the very basics of a society-SECURITY and SAFETY of women.


Following are the things/ideas I have that can be implemented without much burden on anyone:

* Camera Installations

*Some GPS keyring tacker can be made by some organisation of innovators and can be owned by every women, so that the family and the Police is immediately informed, in any mishap.(an engineering solution which might be tangible in times ahead)

*Reduction in privately owned public transport

*Camera installations even in DTC busses(like in Chandigarh they have) which even prevents pick pocketing.

*Innovative ideas are most welcome in the comments section below.

 Its high time we stand and keep staring or keep talking shit avout govt. and cone forward to take a step.

I think something needs to be done and done now since it is already too late, keeping silence. Since Justice never comes easy! and there is a well saying -Justice Delayed is Justice Denied!