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Pay Back the Tampon Tax Campaign

Dear friends,

It’s been five years since the Government promised that VAT from period products would fund the women’s sector. It still hasn’t happened.

That’s why WRC has launched a crowdfund campaign as a follow up to the #PayBacktheTamponTax petition you signed.

In December, we kicked off the crowdfund to raise £9,000, which will help us to fund the creation of a campaign toolkit including template letters for contacting local media and MPs about the Tampon Tax Fund, campaign and policy support, providing a single point of contact for women’s organisations who want to get involved, and seeking expert legal advice on developing and progressing the campaign.

If every person who signed our petition was able to donate just £1 to the crowdfund, we would be well on our way to smashing our £9,000 target, and getting to work with women’s charities and groups around the UK, helping them to contact their local MPs and media to shed some light on the lack of funding going to the women’s sector.

Donate here and join us in holding the Government to account over its broken promises.

Thank you so much for your support,

Women’s Resource Centre

Women's Resource Centre
1 year ago