Ritchie to resign or be disqualified as Women's Officer. TUU to safeguard women's representation for women. TUU SRC North to apologise to women students for their conduct.

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Victory! Ritchie resigns as TUU Women's Officer!

First and foremost we would like to thank each and every one of you who took the time to hear what we had to say and have stood by us in the fight for equitable women's representation at UTAS. To everyone who signed this petition, who shared it on social media, who discussed this with colleagues, family members and friends, we thank you. As a result of the national attention gained by our petition and the amazing support from those who signed and shared our petition, we are pleased to announce that today James Ritchie resigned from the role of women's officer. Despite a non-apology resignation letter that somewhat defames and misrepresents the Women's Collective, we are pleased that Ritchie did the honourable thing and resigned. In addition, the Tasmanian University Union called a State Council meeting in light of the publicity and pressure from our campaign in which they voted to safeguard the autonomy of the women's officer roles (north and south) in the Union's constitution, meaning that this will hopefully not become an issue again in the future. Thank you all again for your invaluable support, In Solidarity, Ruby Grant UTAS Women's Collective President 2015

UTAS Women's Collective
6 years ago