Lower C-Section Rates at St. Rita's Medical Center in Lima, Ohio

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Please share this with everyone you can! I need the world to know what happened to me so no other woman suffers like I did. Dr. Michelle Coates forced me to have a c section at St. Rita's Medical Center in Lima, Ohio. She's evil, said she thought my blood loss was funny. I don't know how she still has a job. A nurse screamed at me saying I had no choice. I told Dr. Coates I didn't want the surgery and she smirked, said I would be ok and hurried out. The nurse continued to scream at me as I begged them to let my family back in or to let me leave. They wouldn't allow either. I was held in that hospital against my will. And I know they do this a lot because the same year every birth I heard happened in town was a c section. They won't answer the surveys for c section rates for a reason. Dr. Coates and her group of doctors at Women's Health for Life work at both hospitals. They need to be investigated and held responsible for their forced c sections and high c section rate. They didn't even do the c section right. Dr. Coates woke me up saying I couldn't give birth vaginally anymore because of how I was cut, and my daughter wasn't likely to make it anyway (she did thank God). No kidding, I knew that was a risk which is one of the reasons why I tried to refuse the surgery. The other reason being I didn't want to bleed to death which almost happened. My son wasn't ready to lose his mom that day and no one respected that. Please St. Rita's, do the right thing and look into your high c section rate. Release the c section rate to the public. Fire the doctors and nurses responsible for hurting the women of Lima, and stop doing so many c sections!