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A Letter to Congressman Burgess of Texas, 7/10/15

Hooman Noorchashm
Philadelphia, PA, United States

Jul 11, 2015 — A Letter to Congressman Michael Burgess of Texas:

Representative Burgess,

On 7/8/15, you very deliberately killed the Fitzpatrick amendments to the "21st Century Cures" bill (HR 6) in the House Rules Committee.

You will recall that the congressman had submitted 8 "Concern of Congress" amendments to HR 6, all of which were designed to motivate congress to begin the process of securing the medical device regulatory space.

Your killing of these critical amendments was a very serious error that we, the affected, will not allow you to forget.

So, I must I urge you to immediately refer back to Congressman Fitzpatrick and his staff and inquire as to how you might fix this mistake. I urge you to do so, as a friend to the public and a believer in the federal government of the United States.

By killing Mr. Fitzpatrick's "Concern of Congress" Amendments, you dishonored brave battles fought by many unsuspecting women across the nation for over 2 decades - following upstaging of their occult or missed gynecological cancer using the FDA approved device known as a "power morcellator.

And you participated in shutting the door on an inquiry and discourse that must happen within the halls of the United States Congress to set right a very grave wrong.

Congressman Burgess, in case you have any doubt as to the reality of the fights waged by morcellated women, I refer you to the picture collage the women harmed or dead, which was published by the WSJ reporter Jennifer Levitz. You may confirm this fact with Ms. Levitz and her colleagues at the Wall Street Journal.

Furthermore, by so ignorantly opposing the Fitzpatrick Amendments on the House Rules Committee on 5/8/15 you dishonored the sacred lives lost - mothers, daughters, sisters and wives - and you kept blinders on in confronting a severe national public health threat posed by our FDA and the defunct federal safety regulations governing medical devices.

This terrible error of yours will not be forgotten by the people and will come back to visit you - we will make sure of it.

All of us and our families will ensure that the American public understands that a United States congressman by the name of Michael Burgess from Texas, a doctor himself, learned of a public health hazard, admitted its existence and reality, but claimed that neither congress nor the FDA bear any responsibility to any of us or our families....

"SO BE IT", you said!

But "SO BE IT", indeed, congressman!

I urge you to return to Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick and his staff and ask him how to rectify your error in judgement -as a United States Congressman and a gynecological surgeon.

Mr. Burgess, Amy and I have six children - we are but one family of the very many voiceless and excluded from the democratic process. We will not permit this grave error that has devastated our lives go unnoticed by you and your colleagues who have the power and responsibility to protect the United States and her health.

A catastrophe like the "power morcellator" disaster in women's health should never rear its ugly head in the United States again - surely you must agree!

Congressman Burgess, when people in the United States are harmed, they go home, they go bankrupt or they die - their voice is excluded from the democratic process.

Dr. Burgess, Amy and I would be happy to meet with you in the presence of Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick​ to explain to you the depth of your responsibility both as a United States congressman and a gynecologist.

I can only assure you that your responsibility as a federal representative is not only to your own constituents but to the people from every state in the Union. You simply must fix the mistake you made on 7/8/15.

We look forward to hearing from you and your staff in the near future.

Very sincerely,
Hooman Noorchashm.

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