Let Ashley Play! - Support Junior Golfers - Fight Age Discrimination Boycott

Let Ashley Play! - Support Junior Golfers - Fight Age Discrimination Boycott

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@ watchhergolf started this petition to Women's Golf Association at Coral Ridge Country Club

Ashley (@watchhergolf) is a 9 yr. old avid junior golfer - she has been playing in junior golf tournaments since she was 6 1/2 years old.  Ashley qualified and participated 3 years in a row in one of the most competitive junior golf tournament in the world - the U.S. Kids Golf World Championship, held annually in Pinehurst, NC.  Ashley began her love for golf starting at the age of 3 years old, begging to "go hit balls" with her daddy at "the club." 

Ashley has spent thousands of hours practicing, learning and playing golf at her beloved home golf course Coral Ridge Country Club (CRCC), located in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The CRCC golf staff have been extremely supportive of Ashley and her golf accomplishments.

The Issue.... 

Ashley's game has improved to a level where she is now capable of competing in CRCC's annual member golf tournaments. Every January is the CRCC President's Cup Championship Golf Tournament - it is an annual match play tournament. The only requirements to participate is that you must be a CRCC golf member and you must have an official USGA Handicap.  Ashley meets both requirements. Her golf coach and the CRCC golf staff were excited to see Ashley register to play in her first match play tournament.

Soon after registering, Ashley was notified of her first pairing. A date/time was set for the match. Then we were notified that the member had decided to "withdraw" from the match.  The CRCC staff said that Ashley would then be paired with another member. The date/time were being arranged, when we received word that the new pairing had also decided to "withdraw".  This WGA member then proceeded to create a formal protest email campaign, sending it to all the registered tournament players and the CRCC General Manager. Her email informed all the recipients that if Ashley was allowed to play, then she was formally withdrawing from the tournament.  She encouraged the other women to do similarly.  Soon the GM began receiving calls/emails from the other players stating that Ashley should not be allowed to play due to her age and that if the CRCC allowed her to play they would all withdraw from the 2019 Women's Presidents Cup Championship tournament.

As of this writing, CRCC has supported Ashley's right to play (as an age minimum has NEVER been a prerequisite to play) and not one member has agreed to participate or be paired with Ashley - it has turned into a complete boycott by all the women players.

Age Discrimination...

In 2019, we couldn't fathom that our daughter would experience age discrimination by her very own gender. Golf is an individual competitive sport. A match play golf tournament is a competition - not a social event. Ashley only desires the ability to gain more tournament experience. It is incredibly disheartening to think that older women golfers wouldn't be embracing the opportunity to mentor a younger female golfer and encourage her passion for the sport. 

To the Women's Golf Association Members at CRCC... 

Ladies, did you know that Ashley's biggest young female golf inspirations Lexi Thompson and Alexa Pano both played at Coral Ridge Country Club in the Jones/Doherty Women’s Amateur Championship?  Look again at the walls on your way into your locker room. You will see the names of Alexa Pano who was both the youngest winner in a Doherty flight division, when she was only 9 yrs old and CHAMPION of the 2017 Doherty Championship at only 12 years old. You will also see the name Alexis Thompson.  Yes, that is Lexi Thompson's name on that wall TWICE - as she WON the Doherty two years in a row before turning pro at 15 years old. Both of these girls were competing as juniors.

Ladies, Ashley is not looking to participate in your weekly "9 and Wine" social golf events or other holiday golf scramble events. She isn't looking to change your "social vibe".  She just wants the opportunity to gain experience playing in serious golf tournaments (both match and stroke play) on her very own home golf course. She would love to have your support and encouragement. She would love to play with you. We do hope you will change your mind and embrace the opportunity to encourage a younger female golf member.  Remember ladies, it wasn't that long ago when you heard that discriminatory saying from the men as to what they thought GOLF stood for .... Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden. We are asking you to please end this boycott and allow Ashley the opportunity to play.

To Junior Golf Supporters...

Please sign Ashley's petition and leave a comment for the CRCC Women's Golf Association members as to why they should reconsider their boycott AND "Let Ashley Play!". Thank you for your support. Please share our petition link: https://bit.ly/2SRP3AG  #LetAshleyPlay 


0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,000!
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