Men who refuse to give women head must be refused head

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Many men believe that they are entitled to blowjobs, whilst going down on a woman is unacceptable or gross. Putting a dick in your mouth is pretty gross but men everywhere teach this is mandatory if you want a happy relationship. Even though women everywhere are unsatisfied as men walk away once THEY are done, no one ever says if you want a good marriage you must make sure you're wife is pleased in bed. This stems from the belief that men are above women; the vows "I promise to honour and obey my husband" which is very outdated.

Sitting back enjoying the pleasure whilst a girl is feeling no pleasure and unable to breathe with your genitals stuffed down her throat and not returning the favour is simply a control thing. It's about having power over women, and saying "you are an object of my desires, I am the only thing that matters in this room". To say you must give me this but I will NEVER give it to you, is nearly slavery, they use manipulation to make you believe this is better and that it's just normal.

This kind of suppression will carry on as long as we women allow it to. So put your daddy issues aside, say "I respect myself" but really believe it this time. If you meet a man who just expects you to give but never receive and he should always receive and never give, well he doesn't give a shit about your well being or you as a person and only cares about his dick. So hold yourself higher than some creeps stinky junk (thats right whilst you men are criticising the smell of vaginas you haven't smelt your own dicks have you, not nice!!), because I promise you were meant for more than just getting on the floor to surrender to someones lowest instinct. Don't choose to be the weaker sex.

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