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I stand in awe of my body, do you?

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Talking about trends on the Internet and social media these days, I feel body shaming has topped the list. I read articles on the internet the other day about body shaming that said between one third and half of young girls fear becoming fat and engage in dieting or binge eating.

Today's generation does not see wrong in expressing their opinion. That is true, but shutting out anyone with a different body than them is not okay. We find it funny or really cool to call someone fat or constantly ask that person to lose/gain weight. This may sound normal to some but the person who is constantly hearing this may suffer from insecurities regarding his/her own body and start hating one self. 

To be honest, it hurts when people constantly talk about your body no matter what size you are. Being skinny, I often experience comments and messages on social media where I'm called thin, skinny or asked to eat a lot. Comments like, " You are really thin in real than in your pictures" are heard after every other picture I upload. Being a calm minded person I never really react to such negativity around me and I let it pass. 

The only reason behind creating this petition is to make others realize that your simplest of simplest comment on someone's body can affect them. Nobody in this world chooses the body they have and everybody is born without a choice. It is the society which has created the image of a perfect body. 

Instead of body shaming the other person we should be supporting, motivating and encouraging towards each other. Until everybody realizes that, body shaming will continue to be an issue. 

Thank you! 

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