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Please! Support women

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We all know about the nirbhaya rape that was heart breaking incident.

Many people saw her but not help her when she was thrown from the bus . Why ??

After 4 years we got justice . 

For some she is nirbhaya for someone she is damini ...BUTshe is our sister!

But we only know about nirbhaya but what about all the women who raped before . We all have women as our mother sister cousin girl friend fiace wife or as our neighbors.

We are indians and we are developing but what about our mind that is not developing.

Whenever you saw any women is harrass by anyone please support her . 

All the parents should sent their children to self defence classes bcoz first support is ourself if we make our child strong then no one could make harm to her/him.

This petition is only to convey the message to the people that women are not below men They are equal and we all have to see the women in a respected manner.

Remember we all have women in our home.

The solution of this problem is only when we all change our mentality.

"Kapde chotte ni hote ladkio ke soch hoti hai sabse chotti "

We dont want any other nirbhaya case in our society !

We have to support all women 

We have to change our mentality 

We have to make our women stronger that no one should harass them .  

Please sign this petition only when you make your mind stronger that if you see any women in trouble then you will help her and support her !

Raise your voice.

Please support women they need our support! 

Thank you ! 

Ranjot singh 

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