Victoria’s Secret enough is enough – it’s time to stand up for ourselves!    

All sizes and shapes are beautiful. The "beauty standard" in America has proven to actually be LESS HEALTHY Many models, actresses and those who emulate them suffer from eating disorders which can cause early onset osteoporosis, thinning hair and tooth loss and even death. Now the obsession with "perfect curves" is leading many to plastic surgery, which can be life threatening. As a mother of 4 who has always been "too curvy" to be in the spectrum of "perfect," the recent obsession with big butts has made me feel fetishized. Still, young people think you need a flat stomach, big butt et c. The laundry list goes on and it is mostly an unobtainable, unhealthy fantasy that objectifies women instead of seeing us as intelligent, funny, kind, beautiful human beings inside and out. Let's stop showing women and girls that this is "ideal" or that their value is only in being "perfect objects." Lets take a stand!

Marie Landrigan, Buffalo, NY, United States
2 years ago
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