Dress code problems for young girls at Stranahan High School

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Recently, at Stranahan High School there was a new dress code rule added. It stated that us girls have to wear long shirts to cover our behind because it is very distracting to boys. Not only that, if the bottom of our stomach slightly appears it is as well a violation. Today we got told that, “your bodies are a distraction to boys and that will not be tolerated this year.” Women in society get sexually objectified by men every day. It’s gotten to the point that instead of boys being in trouble for touching a girls behind, staring, or catcalling... us girls at Stranahan High School are being forced to cover up a body part that we all share and have no control over. If they catch us showing our stomach we aren’t even allowed the option to grab a jacket and cover up... we get sent straight to internal suspension. So we say to please, sign this petition to get this rule removed! It wasn’t there before and it doesn’t have to be added now! Us girls shouldn’t have to cover up because of little boys being disgusting. They say “well that’s just how boys are” but not all men are disrespectful or get academically unfocused because of a belly button. First it was shoulders, then our stomach, and now it’s this. Soon we’ll be obligated to wear hoodies while no new rules will be assigned to put boys in check. Sign this petition and help us go back how things were before!