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Petitioning CEO of Revlon, Lorenzo Delpani

Women deserve safe cosmetics

Revlon sponsored a Breast Cancer run/walk in Los Angeles in 2013 that drove approximately 30,000 supporters. It is ironic that this sponsor could be part of the problem. Little do people know that many of Revlon’s products contain chemicals like butylated hydroxytoluene, octinoxate, formaldehyde-releasing preservatives and parabens that have been linked to breast cancer, endocrine disruption, allergic reactions, developmental and reproductive toxicity, and premature aging. Revlon needs to either remove cancer causing chemicals from their cosmetics or place warning labels on their products. Let’s open ours eye to the potential dangers of the Revlon products.

Revlon uses these chemicals in their cosmetics because they are inexpensive and allow for a longer shelf life. Nevertheless, other natural ingredients like oregano, thyme, rosemary, goldenseal root, grapefruit seed extract or lavender oil have been found to be just as effective without the dangers associated with carcinogenic chemicals. Cosmetics companies like Cover Girl have changed the composition of their cosmetics by removing hazardous ingredients from their products in an effort to make cosmetics safe. Revlon has resisted doing the same.

Since cosmetic products are not overseen by the FDA, the cosmetic industry is allowed to put synthetic chemicals as well as introduce untested chemicals into their products even if those chemicals are linked to cancer, infertility or birth defects. Companies and individuals who manufacture or market cosmetics have a legal responsibility to ensure the safety of their products.For a company whose net sales approximate $500 million/year they should strive to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Economical gain should not be at the expense of human suffering.

Please ask new CEO Lorenzo Delpani to comply with new standards of quality and safety and remove harmful chemicals from their cosmetics or place warning labels so that consumers can be aware of the dangers associated with the use of their products.


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