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Women are not your play toy - Stop Rape!!!!

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As a mother, I am trying my best to teach my daughter good values and good manners to make her a good person, but on seeing the surrounding now, I guess I have to instill fears in her about not being safe anywhere in the city. I have to take away the security from her that she is protected in school, on the roads, in the playground, or anywhere else, because she is not!!!

Women are in danger of being assaulted this we have been protesting for years now, but tiny little children too??? Newborns are also being assaulted in hospitals that they have just opened their eyes in, kindergarten kids who do not even know the meaning of good touch and bad touch are being taken advantage of.

What has our society come to??? I ask you Sir, we are all major supporters of your reign and have faith that u will make a better tomorrow for us, but being busy looking at the bigger picture are we ignoring the current mishaps and ruins happening today?

No parent would want to send their girl children out to study if they are not safe even in schools. Beti Padhaao, Beti Bachaao, really????

How dare another man think of touching a girl or a child without her permission or even look at her wrongly? She was not wearing revealing clothes or walking alone in the dark streets, she is just a 3-4 years old child. The sick men can dare to do so because of our laws!!! They get a minimal punishment and are left scot free to come back and take an even worse revenge.

We mothers are given the status of being next after God! Sorry to say but I cannot accept this status when I am not able to make my own child feel safe. Am I cursed being a parent of a girl child? Do I have to wait anxiously every single day just to make sure my daughter is back home safely? An angry mother is like a wounded tigress they say, so should we mothers take things and the law in our hands and punish every man who dares to even look wrongly at our girls, like in the movie MOM??? Maybe then the world will be a better place for our daughters, as clearly the authorities are not bothered about such things which happen daily.

In the olden times families did not want a girl child as she was a burden and they used to kill her in the womb, now in the modern times we will be forced to do the same as definitely we do not want to raise a girl in this society where she can be assaulted or abused anytime and anywhere.

Why can’t such a punishment come into practice which scares a man to his bones, even thinking about committing such a crime?

Modiji, it’s a Mother’s painful plea to you, help me protect my daughter and every daughter of this country!!!

Hamari betiyon ki security and future abh aapke haathon mein hain, Usse sawaarna aapki zimmedari hai Modiji, aur aap isse bakhubi nibhayenge yeh hamara vishwaas hai!!!


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