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Everyone can experience this kind of situation. Girls, Boys, Bisexual and also Gays. People nowadays are making an action without thinking. They are many perverts anywhere. You can catcalled anyone without noticing. People will feel nasty and maybe they can loss their Confidence.

We can make a move and fight those stupid people that been catcalled you. I'm making a petition of "ANTI CAT CALLING" to make the cat callers jail or charge their damage even they did not touch you. We can have the First Offense, to warn them not to be indecent to you or to everybody. Second offense, you can make them pay the damage of what they do. The third offense is they can go to jail and imprisoned in 3-5 days.

Cat callers are anywhere. Like in the public transportation, public places or even in school. I am making this petition "STOP CAT CALLING" because I've been catcalled too. loss my confidence and I felt literally shit. I asked myself, Am I not deserve to be respect? And I realize people should not feel of what I feel. People should feel that they are beautiful and don't let anyone make you loss your self esteem. Please support me on this petition to make the cat callers stop of what they wrong doings.

For all the cat callers or pervert out there, you should stop! Don't make an action and regret it in the end. Your wrong doings can return to you, you can feel of what they feel. Cat called is just another word of Harassment. It is against the law, you can imprisoned of how many years. So STOP CAT CALLING!

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