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Introduce literature to sensitise children at school towards animals and trees.

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It's very sad that in today's world, lot of humans lack humanity and are cruel, especially towards the feeling of other animals. Such people are a threat to society also because these are the people that, when not seen, resort to cruel crimes against women and children.

Those who complain about dog population, must look at human population first. Those who complain about these animals sharing Earth resources must look at humans consuming resources of the earth and also compare per head resources used & wasted by humans (resources like water and food) vis a vis these animals.

And some humans are full of hatred towards other animals like dogs, cows, buffaloes etc and they want the streets, the roads and their colonies to be clear of all these animals.

The earth does not belong to humans only. Earth belongs to all living beings that God has given birth to. But we humans have divided the entire earth amongst us (humans) only. It's we humans who have snached the habitat of other animals and their food from them. Now where do these animals, these dogs, these buffaloes, these cows go? If we want streets and roads to be clear of these animals, the only way is we adopt them, we feed them and we give them shelter.

And mind it these very animals have been used by us humans (our ansectors) for our needs, for milk, for ploughing, for transportation and for security. And now we want to dump them and free the earth from these very animals. How can we be so cruel, so selfish, so mean? God has given us empathy (empathy is most important to keep our souls alive) and brains to analyse what is right and what is wrong. These dogs are humans' best friends. They are never aggressive towards humans unless we attack them and they feel threatened by us. Sometimes it happens that somebody throws stones at dogs and those dogs feel threatened by all humans. In such circumstances, they may become aggressive towards other human beings. But that is not there mistake. The mistake is of the people who are aggressive towards these dogs. The solution lies in we humans correcting ourselves by being compassionate towards all living beings including dogs. That is why God has given us higher intellect to analyse things and given us the sense of empathy towards other living beings.

This can be done if we start sensitizing our children in schools by introducing suitable literature and syllabus in schools that sensitizes our children and our future generations towards other animals and hence I therefore request the government to take notice and introduce suitable syllabus in schools accordingly.

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