Condemn Kavita Krishnan for Shielding Foreigner Rapists of Assam

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Kavita Krishnan who is secretary, All India Regressive Women's Association- AIPWA and Polit Bureau member, CPI(ML) has declared on Twitter that all rape allegation made in Assam are fake and all allegations are meant for defaming Assam's Muslims and particularly Bangladeshi infiltrators. Reality is that there are 3009 cases of rapes are registered in Assam in last 2 years. By making such statement Comrade Kavita Krishnan has tried to shield illegal Bangladeshi infiltrators and insulted 3009 plus victims of rapes and sexual atrocities in Assam. With this petition WE, the people of Assam and all over India want to drag attention of Women and Child Development Minister and Prime Minister of India to take action against Kavita Krishnan for covering up rapes in Assam.