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Please bring my son back home # BringRyanHome

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My son Ryan is 17 years old, he has Autism, severe learning difficulties and sometimes displays behaviour that challenges.

For the last year he has been sectioned under the mental health act in an assessment and treatment unit in Birmingham. He is currently on his third section and this has just been renewed. He has had no education for a year.

His first section was in March 2015 when he was living at home with his family, attending a local authority special school and accessing respite monthly. At the time he was on a large mixture of drugs trying to help with his behaviour, although it seemed to have the opposite effect. After a weekend of some difficult behaviour due to Ryan being ill with a stomach bug, and then catching the bug myself, I asked for emergency respite, I was told this was being sorted out but unfortunately this was not possible and Ryan was sectioned instead.

He spent the first night under section in an adult mental health hospital in an assessment room that did not have a bed. The next day he was transferred to a hospital in Birmingham by his school staff in the school mini bus.

He was admitted under a section 2, and during the course of it all medications stopped. He was then transferred to a section 3 and then discharged in July 2015.

However following discharge the services given to us turned out to be inadequate, only 10 hours of care a week and of this we only ever got 4 hours.

Ryan had 9 weeks at home until he was going back to school in September. At the end of August 2015 he ended up being readmitted to the hospital in Birmingham after causing some damage at home due to sheer boredom and a lack of anything else to do.

 Ryan's clinical team at the Hospital say he is ready for discharge and that he can leave the Hospital providing he has appropriate support in the community. His section has recently been renewed as this has not yet been provided.

He constantly asks the staff for his mom and says he wants to go home. Sometimes the staff help him to phone home and he will say "mommy home" to me. He has no understanding of why he is there and why I cannot just take him home. Sometimes when we visit him he will pack his bag of all his clothes and bring it to me as if to say you are not listening to me.

The Hospital Clinical Team have told me they would be happy to discharge Ryan provided that it was to safe and secure accommodation in the community which would be capable of supporting his needs.

Ryan's Social worker has told me he cannot come home and must go to an adult placement miles away although one has not yet been identified.

 If this happens we will visit him and he will continue to ask to go home to his house in his community where all his extended family live.

What we need for Ryan is good quality support in his own community to enable him to maintain the very close relationship he has with his family as he has the right to a family life and also to an education.

We are pleading with Wolverhampton CCG and Wolverhampton City Council to put the support in place and allow Ryan to come home to his local community and be cared for in the least restrictive way possible.

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