Block the DA to build a 25 metre Mobile Phone Monopole in Woonona and Russellvale

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Again, CPS Global and Vodafone are seeking to erect a 25m, 6 atenna Monopole/Mobile Phone tower in Rixons Pass Road.  This petition has been created so members of Woonona and Russell Vale can voice their objections to this proposal DA-2018/689.

Why?  The DA has already been refused twice by council, citing reasons like, not meeting certain provisions of the local EPA act, and LEP clause 5.9 and the legislation of the Development Control Plan (DCP) around landscaping, geo technical issues and failing to prove an established site.  The public should be more concerned about the placement of this atenna and its vicinity to houses and local families which could have effects on people's long term health and also property prices in the area.  The council did cite another reason that they were concerned that if this development gets approved, then it could set a precedent to allow more of these Monopoles/towers to be deployed throughout surrounding suburbs and other populated areas.  

There are more suitable areas that this construction could take place, where it has less of an impact on the people, their properties and the environment.  Please sign this petition asap as we need to prsent this to council before July 11th, 2018.