Stop our local authorities from spraying glyphosate anywhere!


Stop our local authorities from spraying glyphosate anywhere!

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Clare Emma started this petition to Wollongong City Council and

There are plans to spray from Roundup Weedkiller containing glyphosate over Perkins Beach and Hill 60 at Port Kembla, Bass point, Gerringong and potentially Coniston Beach from helicopter over the next month.

Ben Langford from The Illawarra Mercury reports:

"Preparations are underway for helicopter spraying of the plant poison RoundUp around Port Kembla, just days after a Melbourne man launched Australia's first lawsuit seeking to blame the weedkiller for his cancer.
Some residents are concerned that just as some countries are reconsidering whether the herbicide - true name glyphosate - is safe, in Port Kembla it will be sprayed from the sky above them.

Residents were informed recently that the Illawarra District Weeds Authority would be spraying from helicopters in late June.

It's part of annual spraying to combat the pest Bitou bush. About 90ha would be sprayed around Hill 60 and Perkins Beach at Port Kembla. Another 40ha would be sprayed at Bass Point in Shellharbour and another 8ha on private land at Gerringong.
While Port Kembla will receive glyphosate spraying, the Mercury has been told a different product, Brush-Off, will be used at Coniston Beach. This has not been confirmed. In previous years Bass Point has received RoundUp from the air.

IDWA chief weeds officer David Pomery said some areas were not accessible without aerial spraying.
"Alternate methods are being utilised where appropriate but in the meantime the IDWA must consider utilising aerial spraying in some situations to ensure effective management of this weed across the coastal landscape," he said.

This week Melbourne gardener Michael Ogliarolo, 54, launched legal action alleging RoundUp caused his cancer - non-Hodgkins lymphoma.
Three glyphosate court cases in the US have come down in favour of plaintiffs with cancer. In the latest, a court in Oakland, California, awarded a couple $2.8 billion.

In 2015 the UN World Health Organisation's cancer agency reviewed the studies so far and concluded glyphosate probably caused cancer.

But while the Australian Regulator, the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA), considered the WHO report "valuable input", it decided glyphosate was still "safe to use according to label directions".

The Cancer Council has called for an independent review of glyphosate.
IDWA said: "On the day of spraying IDWA employees will ensure that all access roads and walkways are closed with restricted public access to spray zones".
Wollongong City Council uses RoundUp for weed removal, as do many public schools.

The Illawarra District Weeds Authority is run by the Illawarra Shoalhaven Joint Organisation, an arrangement between the cities' councils."


There is not enough evidence to show that this toxin is safe to humans, and our environment. It is considered not only carcinogenic, but hormone-disrupting, which can be a cause of many autoimmune conditions amongst allergies, and other chronic health conditions. Many controversial considerations have been given to this toxin so I am not prepared to risk mine and my family's health, the environment and wildlife any longer! Read all about epigenetics if you wish to know more about the long term effects! Chronic and autoimmune illnesses can be caused by toxins like glyphosate. It might not kill you, but it could certainly present as illness later on or in your offspring and future generations.

I am not keen on waiting to find out the effects before we bannish, it and it's too late. Not only the grief, but financial knock-on effects are inevitable if we continue to abuse, simply by choosing the easy or cheaper way out.

There are other ways to rid the bitou bush!! We are risking harming the environment, wildlife and ourselves to save some $$ by using this chemical. It is NOT ok!!

We are calling on the council's and authorities to cease use of glyphosate immediately and resolve this weed issue without toxins. 


This petition made change with 9 supporters!

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