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Introduce 30 MPH limits on residential roads in Shinfield Parish

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At present (January 2018), the main roads through the parish, all of which are also residential roads, are 40 MPH. This is despite Government guidance that states roads in villages should be 30 MPH.

This includes:

Basingstoke Road (Spencers Wood and Three Mile Cross)

Church Lane (Shinfield and Three Mile Cross)

Hollow Lane (Shinfield)

Hyde End Road (Shinfield and Spencers Wood)

These roads are:

  • All residential roads, many with houses fronting directly onto roads
  • Walking routes to local schools, nurseries and local amenities
  • Some are rural roads, narrow in points and with sharp bends, and often with pavements only on one side of the road. 

Existing residents should be able to safely move around the parish, and walking and cycling should be encouraged. Reducing local speed limits will make both options more attractive. 


Section 6: Urban Speed Limits: Key Points:

"Roads suitable for a 40 mph limit are generally higher quality suburban roads
or those on the outskirts of urban areas where there is little development.
Usually, the movement of motor vehicles is the primary function"


Section 7: Rural Speed Management: Key Points: 

"It is government policy that a 30 mph speed limit should be the norm in villages"

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