To lower the prices of vulnerable cats in the Wodonga Pound that face certain death.

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3 years ago WDR welcomed "Deidre's Den" - a section of the Wodonga Pound specifically designated for cat rescue.

After 8 days these precious animals have all done their pound time and if not picked up by their owners, are put to sleep. This has continued week after week after week for at least 3 years.

Selfless, dedicated volunteers were having to stand by and watch so many beautiful, healthy cats and kittens be put to sleep. So they decided to act. With the support of WDR and after many tears and a lot of anger and frustration, WDR were given the go ahead to rescue "some" of these vulnerable kitties and it snowballed from there: 

In 2010, WDR rehomed 4 cats through the council and the put to sleep rate is unknown. 
In 2011, WDR rehomed 84 cats 187 were put to sleep.
In 2012, WDR rehomed 116 cats 136 were put to sleep.
In 2013, WDR rehomed 214 cats 67 were put to sleep.

To date, for 2014, 93 cats have been rehomed and 17 have been put to sleep. This is a huge achievement for a small group of dedicated people. 
What makes this issue more complicated, is WDR have to purchase the cats from the Wodonga Council. They pay $231 for a female and $184 for a male, plus $8.95 for the change of ownership microchip. WDR adopt out all their cats to loving homes for a fee of $200, so are always running at a loss. But they have managed to make up the difference with wonderful donations and tireless fundraising within the Wodonga community. 

WDR have now been informed that the powers that be (council and vets) are putting their prices up to $254 for a female cat and $202 for a male. Sadly, that puts the little group of dedicated cats lovers at WDR out of the race. They just cannot afford to continue their cat rescuing days. 
So, sadly, WDR will no longer be taking surrenders or rescuing any cats from the pound which face certain death. They will endeavour to rehome what they currently have in care but after that the special cat's room at Wodonga Pound will no longer be.
For WDR volunteers, after all their hard work and having lowered the statistics of cat deaths in the Wodonga Pound so significantly, it just doesn't seem to matter anymore and sadly this is due to one thing only: money.

It has been a heartbreaking decision, but sadly in this day and age money has become more important than the life of an animal to those higher up.

A note from Wodonga Council: The charges which were increased related primarily to the vets' fees associated with microchipping, vaccinating and sterilising animals. It is a requirement of law that these procedures are done before animals are released. The council's component of the fees is quite small and relates to registering the animals and this fee is below what is recommended. The registration fee increased by 2 per cent this financial year, well below CPI and is $45 for dogs which are desexed. During the course of the day, we have been in constant contact with the vets and I believe they are looking at their position in relation to their charges in line with your feedback. The council appreciates and is highly supportive of the the fine work that WDR does.

Thank you for taking the time to read. Please get the word out there by contacting local media outlets to rally Wodonga Council to lower their prices.

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