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The city of Wodonga, nestled perfectly between Sydney and Melbourne on the Victorian side of the border, is ideally situated to become the gateway to the incredible mountain bike and cycling destination of North East Victoria.

Often referred to as “Albury’s poor cousin", the proposed plans would see Wodonga become the perfect opportunity to extend the stay for the thousands of cyclists that plan holidays in the high country every year. Undeniably a huge benefit to businesses in a town where tourism is currently non-existent.

Wodonga features six amazing and easily accessible hills of varying terrain suited to riders of all ages – from beginner to professional. Wodonga’s extensive rail trail and bike path network already provide easy access to most hills straight from Junction Square in the heart of town.

The existing Hunchback Hill mountain bike precinct was formed approximately 20 years ago and has benefitted greatly from a passionate restoration project over the last seven years by volunteers and Parklands Albury-Wodonga, with Quartz Trail becoming an instant hit with riders of all levels and a new 3.5km flow trail set to become the jewel in the regions MTB crown. The volunteer hours, community support and fundraising has been inspiring to say the least.

Through a regular presence of community members the area that was once a hotspot for crime and illegal rubbish dumping has become an asset for individuals, couples, families and kids to all enjoy the outdoors on their bikes while connecting with nature in a low impact pastime.

There is currently a small but loud amount of opposition to this project and we need you to show your support for this amazing project and the hard work of our volunteers.


• Endangered flora and fauna have been accounted for. Exclusion zones are clearly indicated in the Hills Activation Strategy to ensure no disturbance of endangered species – with almost all new trails to be located on areas that are currently grazed by cattle. hills-activation-strategy-web_ 1422.pdf

• Proper trail networks and community engagement reduce the appearance of illegal trails resulting in less environmental damage. Mountain bike riders are less likely to venture off an established trail and disturb vegetation than somebody on foot.

• Land prices around mountain bike trail networks usually increase as it protects the area from any more obstructive development. Recently in Canberra next to Stromlo MTB park an 800sqm block went for $400,000 due to the distance to Stromlo. This is just one example of many.

• The potential increase of traffic to the Felltimber Creek Road area will be met with a reduced speed limit to ensure road safety as specified in the Hills Activation Strategy.

• Crime illegal dumping and the like have decreased over time. Environmental impact is minimal and there has never been anti social behaviour.

• Despite all efforts to coexist, riders have lately been facing increased hostility from nearby residents and even had trails sabotaged with the intent to injure its users. This project aims to separate user groups.

• Events have been held at Hunchback for several years without a single complaint. Only since the Activation Strategy has the MTB scene come under fire.

• Bikes bring more money than wood from Rotorua forest id=3&objectid=10779299

• Mountain bike tourism' helps drive economic turnaround in Tasmania's north east bike-trails-impress-after- first-major-test/6476668

• Economic Impacts of Mountain Biking Tourism - 2016 Update bike-tourism-2016-update.html

• Nearby towns such as Bright, Mt Beauty, Beechworth have long enjoyed the benefits of an established MTB network


Wodonga City Council have actively pursued and proposed a plan to further our town. These trails need to be built, not only for the riding community but for the economic/tourist benefits this will bring. Wodonga has been stale for too long and this could very well be the moment Wodonga is put on the map.



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