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McGregor Vs Ferguson/Strip McGregor Or We Boycott McGregor's Cards !

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Conor McGregor yet again seeks to try and use "negotiations" and "leverage" to try and get the most rewarding fight for himself as possible while Tony Ferguson is most definitely the deserving recipient of a UFC Lightweight title shot.  Tony Ferguson is a fighter who has earned his position in the division, fighting through all comers and eventually securing the Interim Lightweight Championship. This is while Conor McGregor is healthy and able to fight  Let it be known that prior to winning this belt, McGregor had never defended his Featherweight World Title either, eventually leading to the UFC stripping him of the title. This takes away legitimacy from the reign of the next champion as that next champion would have not have deservedly beaten McGregor himself for the belt and this would not be because of Conor McGregor being unavailable due to injury or personal crisis but because he simply did not want to.

We are the hardcore MMA fans who are the fans of MMA first before we are the fans of the UFC. While the two are closely linked, they are in no ways synonymous. We are fed up of this mockery which has plagued our sport which we hold dear and refuse to sit down and have this continue. We demand as fans that Tony Ferguson gets the title fight against Conor McGregor or we demand that he be stripped immediately. If this does not happen, then we pledge to boycott purchasing any pay-per-view featuring McGregor until this happens. We are not against the success of a person who is larger than life like Conor McGregor and would love to see him succeed and believe that this can all be accomplished without the Lightweight belt being held ransom.

This is for those MMA fans who enjoyed watching a fighter earn their way to the top. For those MMA fans who enjoyed watching Royce Gracie earn his way to win tournaments in the early UFC days. This is for those fans who enjoyed watching title-contenders fight the king of their division. Those who enjoy watching fighters make a legacy which they leave to the new-comers and those fans who enjoyed watching a contender lose or win against the respective champion having given all of their effort, blood, sweat and tears. Regardless of the result of this petition, it is time WE, who are the power and driving factor of this sport allow our own voices to be heard.

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