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WJ Properties Please Stop the Unsafe Conditions at 140 Carlton St. Pool

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Over the past 19 months our pool did not pass its inspection by Swim Safe of Toronto Public Health 7 times. WJ Properties is consistently putting the Health and Safety of us, their Tenants that use the pool, at risk. If you look at the pattern of testing you can see that when inspected, the pool does not pass, and upon the follow up re-inspection the pool passes, however upon the subsequent inspection months later the pool does not pass once again. This means, the unsatisfactory conditions returned to substandard after the re-inspection and remained that way until it was caught again during the next random inspection.

Sadly, on Sept. 27, subsequent to this petition being started, when the pool was inspected it was actually closed this time.  

Our Health and Safety matters!  Would the folks who own WJ Properties eat at a restaurant that consistently did not pass its inspections and had 6 yellows over the past year and a half?  Would anyone eat at a restaurant that Toronto Public Health had to close?  If yes, then there is the source of the problem, but in all likelihood of course not, so why is it acceptable that you put your tenants at the same risk?  

Our Pool did not pass its inspections on:

  • Sept 27 2017 (Pool Closed) 
  • June 16 2017
  • Jan 31 2017
  • Aug 10 2016
  • June 7 2016
  • Mar 4 2016 
  • Feb 26 2016

Results can be found here by searching 140 Carlton St. M5A 3W7

7 failed inspections in 19 months is unacceptable. That is a clear pattern of not taking the Health and Safety of the residents who use the pool seriously and as per Toronto Public Health that means on 6 occasion in 16 months:

Conditional Pass, which is a Serious infraction:

Inspection Result:

  1. May potentially present a health or safety hazard
  2. Presents a greater hazard the longer the issue remains unresolved
  3. Must be corrected within 24-48 hours or legal action may be taken


  1. Lack adequate supply of disinfecting chemicals on hand
  2. Surfaces or equipment require major cleaning or repair
  3. Lack of water at suitable temperature where showers are provided
  4. Lack of equipment (that is not crucial to safe operation) such as a thermometer, skimmer weirs, or flow meter
  5. Demarcation lines/signage missing
  6. Improper cleaning and sanitizing of equipment and surfaces
  7. Lack of written procedures for cleaning and sanitizing of equipment and surfaces

This is unacceptable. We expect that when a random inspection of our pool by Swim Safe at Toronto Public Health occurs that all policies, procedures and laws are being followed, so that the pool automatically receives a green pass. Our Health and Safety matters and we expect it will be given the highest of priorities and we expect that WJ Properties pass all future inspections.  

Due to a variety of unsafe and unsanitary conditions within the building, maintenance requests that go unanswered, building staff treating tenants rudely, and a list of now 58 identified issues, the tenants of 140 Carlton St. are coming together to form a Tenants Association to stand up for our rights and can be found at 

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