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Prioritise keeping decks in the format when banning cards (MTG)

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Recently the card Sensei's Divining Top was banned from Legacy. While people were expecting a banning in the format, the banning of top eliminates the deck Miracles from the format entirely, as well as significantly hurting many other non-blue decks. In Eternal Formats, because many players spend years and a significant amount of money putting together their deck, to have an entire deck banned is a significant blow to the community. Bannings are of course a part of MTG and noone is suggesting that this in itself is the problem. But banning an entire deck needs to be a serious consideration especially in eternal formats where the decks in question have existed for many years.

As such, this petition asks that Wizards to do the following:

1. When banning cards, prioritise keeping decks in the format. We put a lot of money and effort into make these decks and we enjoy playing them. Of course, maintaining a healthy format is the top priority. But if WOTC need to ban cards, they should explore options that weaken decks rather than eliminate them completely, or if they do this currently, make that clear in their B/R announcement. That is to say, if they have to ban a card that eliminates a deck, they should at least explain in the BR announcement why they had to ban that card over weaker options and why the deck needed to be eliminated completely to maintain balance in the format. This would especially apply to eternal formats and to decks that have existed for a long time in the format. 

2. To investigate creating a "watch list" on any eternal format either listing cards or listing decks that they are considering banning so people can plan accordingly. The watch list would only point out cards that they were looking at banning. Ie: it wouldn't simply state cards that will be banned in the future, but would rather indicate what cards are being monitored for potential banning. We all knew that miracles could be under the ban-list chopping block, but very few people thought banning top was likely. 

As a legacy player in Melbourne, Australia, I have seen the Legacy community grow in popularity and thrive over the past few years. With so few Eternal GPs, this is a large part of where legacy is played. These are the sort of people who borrow, trade and buy the cards for their legacy decks over a long stretch of time, many months at least. I am asking that WOTC give more careful consideration in the future to maintaining decks in the format as much as is possible. As far as issues go, this may not be as important as many of the petitions on this site. But it is important to the people in the Melbourne Legacy community and many other eternal communities around the world. Thank you for support.

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