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*Thank Wizards and DCI for banning Jeremy Hambly !*

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Wizards of the Coast, the company behind Magic the Gathering, are taking new steps to encourage that everyone in their community (the greatest gaming community on earth) can feel safe and welcome. As a step in this direction, they banned Jeremy Hambly, a.k.a. "UnsleevedMedia", who has been gathering attention by making highly controversial videos "discussing" what he sees as problematic. That is, basically anyone and anything positive in the Magic community, including almost all other Magic channels on youtube, female cosplayers, women in Magic, making Magic welcoming to new players, among many other positive things that have been the subjects of Jeremy's scorn.

Wizards took what is by many seen as a strong step against flaming, trolling and generally making money of Magic by being an edge lord on the internet, by banning Jeremy Hambly for life. His online Magic collection was confiscated and the world was made just a tiny bit better. Join me in signing this petition to thank Wizards for making the Magic community a safer, better enviroment and tell them they are on the right track so they won't be afraid to continue down this path toward a healthier, safer, more welcoming Magic community.

Keep it up Wizards, we are behind you all the way!

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