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Wizards, print legendary dual lands

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As a long time legacy player, i do understand that the reserved list cannot be abolished. Unfortunately, this does limit the expansion of the format and also threaten the competitive scene since other formats will be favored by compagnies organizing tournaments since they are more accessible. I think the best solution is to print legendary dual lands in a limited run special set (ex. Commander, eternal masters etc.) Here are the reasons to believe it would be a good idea:

-Being legendary means it's strictly worst then the original which respects the reserved list policy and would still preserve the thrust of players and collectors. 

-The lands would be way cheaper then the original which would make them more accessible to players wanting to get into the format.

-It would put a certain amount of original dual lands on the market as you can replace 1 of each duals of your deck by a legendary one and still keep the exact same level of competitiveness. This would result in dual lands being slightly more accessible and cheaper in a very controlled way. (For example a Show and tell player could pass from 3 Volcanic Islands to 2 Volcanic and 1 legendary Volcanic and trade/sell the other one)

- This would represent a very interesting product for Wizards that would definitely sell.

- It would not affect the format in any major way as very few deck plays 4 of any single dual land, and those deck would probably not want to go to 5 copies considering a good amount of shuffle effects are necessary to exploit cards like Brainstorm and Sylvan library. 


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