Neverwinter: Free players that were permanently banned without warning and lost everything

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Unban Players from Neverwinter that had their account closed without any warning and lost everything!

In an unprecedented move, Cryptic and Perfect World; makers of Neverwinter have decided to act against its players by performing an automated mass banning. Players were banned due to using a several month old bug that was reported and documented in various places including Cryptic's own testers on the preview server, left in the PC version for months, ported over to consoles from PC after the fact, and had been documented by Cryptic representatives as existing and being left in.

While players utilized this bug to make in game currency faster than designed, Cryptic had already removed the currency made and still placed permanent bans on many players without any warning and regardless of prior infractions. These players have lost the use of things they have purchased with real money and in some cases spent thousands of hours to legitimately acquire. Players were allowed to purchase ZEN for cash all the way up to seconds before they were forceably removed from the game and banned.

Forcing players to create a new gamertag or PS account is an incredible penalty and not practical recourse due to the lost possessions and other elements tied to Live and PS accounts.

We the community request the immediate unbanning of all permanently banned players. We ask that the developers work with the community to give players forewarning in game; which their technology clearly supports to avoid this in the future.

Thank you