Don't Change Gold Rewards in Adventurers' League

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After robust discussion of the proposed changes to Dungeons and Dragons Adventurers' League Rules for Season 8, our community's concern has coalesced around the most prevalent concern. gold piece rewards. Removing all mundane treasure and gold rewards from adventuring within the league and replacing it with static rewards  given at level-up is problematic for the following reasons:

  1. The majority of new players are being attracted to D&D from online streams so we should offer an experience that is not so dramatically different from the games run in popular streams. Offers of money for services and raiding of dragon hoards are standard fare.
  2. All existing Adventurers' League and official WotC adventures are written with gold playing a major role in moving the story forward. This continues to be true with future adventures, such as Dragon Heist. Using these adventures will be a constant source of eye rolling and mockery that will cause cognitive dissonance every time a reward is offered or a room full of treasure is revealed by opening a door.
  3. Many adventures have very flavorful and fun treasure items that players love to collect and use for extra flair, such as jeweled swords or fancy capes and the like. Collecting such items, if still possible under the new rules, will require special rule adjudication rather than treating them as natural treasure to be divided up like a normal D&D game.
  4. Gold pieces are needed for copying spells, buying armor and barding, and a variety of other miscellaneous activities. A burden on the GP economy will unfairly burden some types of characters and play styles more than others.
  5. Gold is not a problem that anyone has complained about in any noticeable amount. This is change for change's sake and will alienate new players who just want to play D&D and it will drive old players away.