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Bring Black Representation to Magic the Gathering

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I have been playing Magic the Gathering (MTG) for a while now. It is my favorite game of all time because it is strategic, creative, and brings communities together. I also love MTG for its diversity and ability to represent oppressed groups in a hopeful manner by having creature and planeswalker cards of different races and cultural backgrounds. However, there is blatant hegemony in one creature card type: Angels.

Some of the most powerful and memorable creature cards in MTG's history are Angels. An entire block of MTG is dedicated to Avacyn, an Angel. Angels symbolize hope, protection, and selfless power. Most Angels are women which is amazing because it shows that women can be strong fighters that stand up for what is morally right. However, almost every single feminine angel's skin color is white. There is no Black representation for angels which saddens me. Black women are just as pure, beautiful and strong as white women so why do they not get the same representation as white women do? There is no reason why Black women cannot be Angels. I want to see some awesome Black Angels in Magic the Gathering to be beacons of hope for women of color who play the trading card game. 

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