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Ban Sheldon from the rules committee.

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The farce that is UN-commander has made it clear that Sheldon menery has no place making decisions about what cards should and should not be played in EDH. His continuous attempts to keep edh a casual format only hurts the community as a whole by making further divisions among us, the uproar on both sides of the unset announcement being an example. If we want to see this format move forward and be played as a sanctioned event, I believe we need to treat EDH as a real format. It's simply moved beyond a kitchen table format in ways that Sheldon won't admit. What I propose is that edh should be treated as sanctioned event with a ban list that reflects that with changes made infrequently (once its become stable, or un-un-stable) that are decided by the community in a multistep process with visibility to the whole community. No more seemingly random decisions that pull our format in multiple directions. The divide between those seeking a casual bout with their friends and a competitive slug fest is already widening, without mentioning the various duel formats. If we focus on having a ban list that allows competitive strategies while the "casual" options still are supported and taken into account, we will be able to sustain a single community instead of fracturing into smaller subgroups. The social contract of having fun that goes with edh should be organised pregame with all players regardless, because it turns out "fun" is subjective and everybody has a different opinion. That opinion should be decided on, on a game by game basis. Not dictated to us, telling us how to have fun.  

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