A Better MagicFest And Grand Prix Experience For All

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Recently, a number of content creators for Magic: The Gathering wrote an open letter to Wizards of the Coast and ChannelFireball. This letter asked them to consider the negative repercussions of scheduling the only known Legacy GP on the Passover and Easter Holiday weekend. A copy of this letter can be found here.


Since then, numerous members of the Magic community have come forward to voice their support and have asked for their names to be added. This petition represents a unified place for those voices to be heard.

Our goals are twofold.

For Wizards of the Coast and ChannelFireball to not hold attendance for this event against the Legacy format when making decisions for scheduling future Grand Prix.
Schedule a second North American Legacy Grand Prix in 2019 on a date that isn’t on or near a major holiday.

If you feel it is unreasonable for Wizards of the Coast and ChannelFireball to ask Magic players to skip an important holiday with family in order to attend their favorite formats single GP for the year, we ask you to sign your name.

As neither company has responded to the Open Letter published a week ago we can only assume that they are unaware of its existence. Once signing your name we recommend that you reach out to Wizards of the Coast, their parent company Hasbro, and ChannelFireball via twitter and email to let them know that this is an issue that is important to you as a consumer.

An example email can be found here: https://pastebin.com/bbG5F9Ur

Email: sales@channelfireball.com

Twitter: @ChannelFireball

Wizards of the Coast

Email: press@wizards.com

Twitter: @wizards_magic


Email: HasbroBrandPR@hasbro.com

Twitter: @Hasbro