Remove the Attack Percentage Cap in PvE + GP Recommendations

Remove the Attack Percentage Cap in PvE + GP Recommendations

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Started by Ali O.

Hello Everyone,

For those who are not aware of this cap in PvE, let me briefly explain what it is: with the most recent free-to-play gear combinations, you can reach up to 192% damage on some schools but there is a cap that limits your actual damage even though you did the grind for all those pieces for hours. Although I have seen some arguments claiming wizards should have more 'overall' stats, I believe that players should have the FREEDOM to focus on any stats they want in PvE. If they want resist/pierce, fine let them have it, if they want damage, fine let them have it as well. Thus, we demand any stat restrictions (including the damage) to be lifted from PvE.

Other GP Improvement Recommendations:

1. Give us the option to stitch Pets and Mounts, players have to wear almost the same pets or mounts for stat bonuses,

2. Create a temporary group for players that use team up, join by kiosk or join a dungeon sigil manually so that they can benefit from the most recent "Full Team Goes First" benefit (this would be a huge incentive to make people quest/farm together),

3. In PvE, give us 2 stun blocks when stunned (just like the PvP), 

4. Give us an animation update for the amulet spells as well, they are too slow, 


6. For all multi-passenger mounts, make the driver go first all the time for a more convenient gameplay. Right now it places people to the battle randomly and for longer hours of farming, this random replacement becomes a bit annoying (because the hitter goes before the supporter sometimes),

7. Let us choose which quest to be shown on our Social feature (most of the time the quest that is shown to other players is from an irrelevant world, not the world you are questing at the moment). 

Please share this petition if you can, and thanks a lot everyone! :)

28 have signed. Let’s get to 50!