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Make Fan Tables Free Again

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Wizard World recently enacted a new policy to charge fan communities outrageous fees for a tabel to promote their group, club, charity, etc. They have done away with "fan tables" and only offer "Small Press" tables at a $600 rate, which is double the average price of small press tables at other conventions. Cosplayers, Fan Clubs, and their communities shouldn't have to pay Wizard World for a table when other conventions of a similar size (like San Diego Comic Con) charge nothing and create areas of their convention just for the fan communities. 

Who is affected?

Every fan club, community, and organization you've seen at a Wizard World convention are affected. This includes Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, Firefly, Ghostbusters, Steampunk, DC, Marvel, and many other fandoms that are part of costumed organizations all over the US.

Until Wizard World changes this policy, we are urging all cosplayers and supporters of the community to openly boycott attending, volunteering, or appearing at their conventions.

The corporate heads of Wizard World are bullying the fan community into paying these prices in exchange for a perceived value in exposure of the club. Don't let us be bullied. They have us by the collar of our shirt, against the high school lockers, demanding our lunch money. Will you stand by and let Wizard World take it from us?

Many fan communities are involved with charities, raising money while at a convention. How can the charities benefit from cosplayers and fan clubs when the cost of setting up at the convention is so high?

Please sign this petition in support of Wizard World changing their policy back to allowing fan communities a free promotional table at the conventions.

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