BRAWN for Transformers TCG

BRAWN for Transformers TCG

December 6, 2019
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Started by Dane Demarest

We'll get right to it just like the little guy would.


"After the Autobots re-awoke on modern-day Earth, Brawn was one of five Autobots sent out to reconnoiter their new world."

Many of us in the Transformers TCG community have been scratchin' our heads wonderin' why this rugged off-roader hasn't made his way to the front lines yet. In fact, being late to a fight doesn't sound like BRAWN at all. This stout slugger would be the first one up to scrap some Decepticons, and he'd be doin' it with pleasure.

Simply put, a lot of us in the Human Alliance feel the absence of this little firecracker and it weighs heavy on our hearts. Where's the little fella at? Is he doin' alright? Will he ever be reunited with his Autobot brethren? Truly the kind of thoughts that'll keep a good citizen up at night. Not to get too soft on ya, we also want him for what he does best! Yeah, you guessed it, crackin' engine blocks and deckin' those no-good Decepticreeps. Who else has the cast-iron manifolds to willingly be launched sky-high by Optimus to take down some Insecticon pests? The best bit is that he is all too happy to get it done. BRAWN even quips "I don't mind the takeoffs, but the landings are murder" as he is caught by Jetfire (Skyfire) after being double teamed in the air.

Hey, it isn't just us Autobot fans who want to see BRAWN on the field. Plenty of Decepticons would like to take a crack at the Autobot's demolitions expert themselves (good luck to'em), and I'm not one to turn down a good fight. Equal shots for equal bots as the saying goes.


In closing, he's tough, he's rugged, he'll take a lickin' and keep on tickin'. Let's be reminded again that size doesn't matter and that a BIG heart can still be found in the smallest of chassis.


LET'S GET BRAWN INTO TRANSFORMERS TCG ALREADY! He's a founding member and I think we can all agree that this disrespect has gone on long enough.


"There's a thin line between being a hero and being a memory." - Optimus Prime


Status: Missing in Action

Last Seen: For .5 seconds in Bumblebee the movie.

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Signatures: 19Next Goal: 25
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