#WithYou Signature Campaign - We stand for Women Rights

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Constitution of India grants men and women equal rights. But research shows that gender related issues are mostly in favor of men in many realms including home and workplace, which affects many aspects in the lives of women starting from her development and progress to mental health disorders. As we know the women are code of the families so it affects directly to the society.
Mostly females are sufferers of domestic violence, eve teasing, sexual harassment, physical abuse, mental torture, Emotional blackmail, rape, molestation, financial dependence, dowry etc. Habit of Pornography/porn sites have spoiled the mental balance of the males exciting them for unnatural sex. Cases of Sexual abuse of girls are very often now, and has a lot of fear and insecurities for the kid and teen age girls. Discrimination in the family about children education based on gender is very common in the society.

Is it the type of society where we can live happily and peacefully? No.. Why is it so? There are only two genders--male and female, and both are equally responsible to form the base for the society and next generations to grow. Though females are strong enough to handle their families, when the matter comes to her to stand & face with men then why do they feel so suppressed and dominated? In that case a man come forward and give her the courage speaking that ''I am with you''. The fear of opposite gender will be turned off then. Gentlemen are also worried about the female related issues. We all feel pain internally and wish to do something but can't express it or get the chance to express it. Let's take an initiative to launch one campaign.

'With You --signature campaign" A Support Wall by Men as well Women & say
"We stand for women rights”

Let's join our hands for spreading awareness in the society. Let's convey the message to the females to encourage them, who have accepted the dominance of a men, or who lost her hope in case of mishappening with her, or who lost her self confidence. Let's be a support wall for her saying that you must raise your voices against domestic violence, sexual abuse etc. and give her strength and support saying that don't worry we all are with you, you bring the facts in front of society without any fear and the accused must be punished. You must fight for your rights.
I m With You.