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Prosecute the Trump Administration for Crime Against Humanity

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To the United Nations Environment Program, the United Nations General Secretary and all signatory Nations of the Paris Agreement:

Donald Trump's unilateral decision to withdraw the US from the Paris agreement represents a threat for the entire world's environment and future.

With 2016 being the hottest year ever recorded, it is time for urgent action beyond local political agenda and populist electoral promises. For the first time in history, an agreement has been signed by most nations to make a common effort towards the preservation of our planet.

It is already known that the current agreement will not be enough to contain temperature rise to the 2 degree Celsius limit above preindustrial levels, and that these goals will have to be revised every 5 years. But it is already a start in the right direction, which has unlocked already significative improvements and courageous public policies.

The Paris Agreement isn't the solution, just the first step of a very long journey which all citizens of the world need to take together. Having one of the world's most powerful nations and a member of the UN Security Council drop out of it is not only a disgrace, it is also a serious attempt to undermine other nations' efforts to contain the terrible effects of Global Warming. The consequences of this decision engage us all towards mass migrations due to natural catastrophes, desertification, access to clean water and rise of sea levels, which will all eventually lead to wars.

We demand the United Nations Environment Program but also individual Nations who have signed the Paris Agreement to prosecute the Trump Administration for Crime Against Humanity, which according to the Article 7.1 of the Rome Statute are "part of a widespread or systematic attack directed against any civilian population". In this particular case, the civilian population is the entire worldwide population, including the citizens of the United States of America.

We ask our leaders to take responsibility and fight with all legal means at their disposal to get the United States back in the Paris Agreement, and discredit the Trump Administration for a decision that seriously damages the credibility of a great nation but also endangers the future of the generations to come.


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