Withdraw support from MKO, NCRI, and Maryam Rajavi

Withdraw support from MKO, NCRI, and Maryam Rajavi

73 have signed. Let’s get to 100!

Why this petition matters

Started by Rob Gaines

We call on the governments of all countries to withdraw any and all support given to the terrorist organization called MKO, NCR and to its leader Maryam Rajavi.

We call on the US Congress to remove any reference of support for MKO and Maryam Rajavi from House Resolution 100.  We call on the 175 co-sponsors of this resolution to withdraw their support for this resolution, unless the reference to Maryam Rajavi is removed.  

The following are all KNOWN FACTS:

1-  Mujahedeen Khalgh Iran (MKO) is a known terrorist organization.  NCRI is another name for this organization.

2-  It assassinated 6 Americans as well as countless Iranians and Iraqis.  Throughout its history, it has carried out political assassinations of its opponents.

3-  It allied itself with Saddam Hussein and participated in killing Iraqi dissidents.  In the first Gulf war, its members attacked Iraqi Kurds, Shiites and brutally killed many of Iraq dissidents.

4-  It practices cult behavior including forced marriages and divorces, sexual exploitation of members, imprisonment and torture of its members and child separation.

5-  Due to its long history of violence, it is universally despised by all Iranians inside and outside of Iran.  They carry no legitimacy whatsoever amongst Iranians.

6-  Its camp in Albania is a virtual prison for its cult members.  The members cannot leave and have had all contacts with the outside world severed.

7-  Maryam Rajavi, its purported leader has been convicted of war crimes, and has been an active participants in all of the cult’s criminal activity.

We call on the sponsor, Rep. Tom McClintock, as well as all the 175 co-sponsors of House Resolution 100 to strike support for her from the resolution.

We call on the US politicians not to hijack the Iranian revolution by supporting a war criminal like Rajavi and a terrorist CULT like MKO/NCRI/PMOI.


73 have signed. Let’s get to 100!