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Withdraw FEMA funding from Holley Fire Department

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As demonstrated by the public outcry in response to the 7th Annual Hazzard County Squirrel Slam, a squirrel killing contest which promotes the idea and practice of CHILDREN KILLING ANIMALS sponsored by the Holley, NY Fire
Department, the US government should not continue to subsidize sadistic
entities, such as the Holley Fire Dept., who promote the recreational killing
of animals. We expect an ethos of care and concern, not recreational killing or
torture or animals, from emergency workers -- especially those receiving Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) funds. We urge FEMA and its Administrator W. Craig Fugate to follow and extend the spirit of the Stafford Act (Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act, PL 100-707), which requires FEMA fund recipients -- such as the Holley Fire Dept. -- to include
plans to rescue or shelter companion animals as a condition for FEMA funding.
We demand that Director Fugate refuse to fund entities which engage in sadistic
acts such as animal torture or killing, and the manipulation of children, whether
companion animals or wildlife. We demand that FEMA investigate the practices of the Holley Fire Dept. and withdraw funding from the Holley Fire Dept. as long
as they are associated with the "Squirrel Slam" or any such similar killing sprees. We feel that the desensitization of children to acts of violence and killing will lead to further acts of violence by children such as domestic violence, school killing sprees such as at Columbine or Newtown. Which are little different from the Holley FD event as both promote a sociopathic form of killing as many beings as possible. The Holley Fire Dept. should better expend its efforts on training to rescue humans and animals from fires, floods, and other disasters instead of promoting killing and extermination. If the Holley F.D. wants to prepare children for life or membership in a proper Fire Department, they should sponsor a team sports event (soccer, baseball, basketball, etc.) which fosters the social, physical and mental skills necessary to work as a first responder.


COMPANION ANIMAL PROTECTION SOCIETY, Deborah Howard, Carole R. Davis & John T. Maher

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