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No Bully, Buddy: A campaign against bullying!

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As a high school student, I wish to exert my maximum influence to build this movement for those who are undergoing severe suffering. I hope I wouldn’t be let down by the people who have the knowledge about their role in the society. Furthermore, I wish to participate in activities with such citizens to make this society a better place.

I have started this campaign with a goal to establish peace in every school and colleges and for the advancement of bullied innocents across the country. I wish to achieve this through the participation of school boys and girls in taking action against this unhealthy practice. Upon witnessing people shedding tears and showing a strong dislike to attend school, I wanted to extend this issue to the public. With a strong hope on the Indian citizens, I seek to achieve my goal through gathering 100,000 school students as supporters, making the society realize that we youth rather care about the prevailing social evils and will rise our voice against it. Let’s make schooling and education as a delightful process.


If you don’t wish to do it for the society, at least do it for your friends or your siblings. Don’t let this evil to affect them. If they have already been affected, rise your voice for the people like them. Your voice seriously counts.


Bullying is a kind of aggressive domination over others which takes various forms like verbal, physical and cyber etc.. The name itself very much intimidating, that no one can deny. It’s definitely a kind of negative emotion which automatically has a negative impact such as resentment, dissatisfaction and antagonism are the reasons .These kind of behavior results in strong displeasure.

 If we go through the analysis of bullying and the prominent features the culture that presents violence as an acceptable form of behavior, we perceive that in video games ,cinemas ,sports ,politics and in news ,sports they think this a very form of acceptable pattern which being advocated  by the society and has been registered as a common practice and reactions to provocation  in the minds of younger generation. And the preventive policies of the institutions are very much less effective. Hence that's the responsibility of the school, office and administration to make it more comfortable to stop bullying.

 Then here comes the family playing a very crucial role in the topic .Family violence triggers extreme violence, so it's the foremost duty of the parents to take care of the moral responsibility of their children.
                    Personal issues and experiences of trauma whether it's past or present plays a very role in the concept of bullying, so we should have an attitudinal shield of not caring for negative emotions .
                 Many  people develop a kind of bullying power which made to think and feel like being a hero but it's a real zero only and they wield a tendency  like that none can question so that they strive to exercise that very hardly for the accomplishment  of power.
               Victims’ behavior is a complicated factor. Provocative behavior from the victim is definitely not a kind of bullying, when a victim does not respond in any way or keep calm so it’s a form of acceptance or permission granted by the victim to continue the act of bullying with him or her.
                  It's a despicable behavior taken by troubled ones and we can't blame anyone in particular because the problem has various stages and distinctive dimensions.
              Finally let our smile change the world but never let the world to change our smile and the bullying people r desperately in need of some serious professional help. So let us come together, rise against this aggressive domination and wipe away the tears of the innocents.

It’s been always proved, the voice of youth has got its own momentum and can nail any problem out if we stand together. Our country has around 315 million school going population. Even if 1% of us rise together, we can definitely bring in a great change.

Let’s save the innocent ones !

Let’s stand against bullying! No Bully, Buddy.

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