Child Abductors Should be Prosecuted.

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Too often Men in Canada have no say or Rights in Regards to parental Abduction and how it is handled. I find it Ridiculous that every man gets charged but Rarely the Woman is Charged for Abduction then fleeing the province for the Father to Chase down while following the expensive slow procedures of the Courts. Even With a court order for Custody in The children's jurisdiction isn't enough to Enable the Police Enforcement of such and order. Which is ridiculous. Even though it may say so in the Order They are to Enforce it. Make Taylor Vs. Taylor a Win for all people in Canada so no longer does one parent have t chase another that has abducted any child from their habitual jurisdiction. My 2 year old barely Knows me after 2 months of this. I find it disgraceful that so many stand by. Stand up and have a voice with me against Parental abduction. Please share and sign so I can present this to the courts. Canadians Against Child Abduction.